Server Information

Information Date 
Open Beta21.06.2021
Grand Opening25.06.2021

Username - epvp Join Date - epvp Nickname - PServer Position - PServer 
eXoTe3016.09.2010JackBauerDeveloper & Game Master
xaer02126.01.2010SenseServer and Head Admin
Nuararihyon25.08.2008YeenaDeveloper & Game Master
CHEFKOCH0002.11.2010AzrielEvent Manager & Suppoerter
Adhara199024.02.2021AdharaEvent Manager
mehemt10402/03/2015SteakhouseFacebook & Discord Moderator - Thread Creator & Translator

We've implemented Silk/h system to be more Play2Win but to prevent AFK farmers, you need to be Lv70+ to gain Silk for every hour.

Item Name Amount 
Beginner Premium1x 3 Days
Beginner Godbless (without Effect)1x 3 Days
Instant Return Scroll (Event)x11
Reverse Return Scroll (Event)x11
Basic Resurrection Scroll (60%)x11
HP Recovery potion (X-Large)x2000
MP Recovery potion (X-Large)x2000
Gold Pig Summon Scroll1x 7 Days
Beginner Scroll of Movement (100%)x10
Devil's Spirit B grade1x 7 Days
Red Dragon Suit Avatar (2 Magic Options)1x
Starter SP1,000,000
Starter Gold5,000,000

We all know nobody likes low stacks. That's why we increased the stacks. You can check the most important stacks in the image below.

We don't want anyone to get bored of not doing alchemy and we don't want anyone to be overwhelmed with alchemy either, therefore rates are not too easy or too hard. Keep it up!
Maximum plus is set to +10, with Advanced Elixir B Grade you can make your item +12 maximum.

There will be a notifier to make everybody know if someone succeed to +9 and +10.

You can buy +5 Full Blue D1-D9 items from NPCs.

Allusion special NPCs are located at Hotan. You can find our special Godbless and any other special items from these NPCs.
Quest NPC, Special Item Shop, EGY Item Shops are located near the Teleporter!

There are a few Unique quests where you can earn Devil Spirit Magicstone and Special Title Scrolls (Resets every month).

Also there is a daily HWT quest for Coins and a daily hunting quest series which inclues ASTRAL and IMMORTAL as a final reward! (Resets daily)

Drops from Unique kills:

Unique Special Drops 
Tiger Girl INT-STRMagic Pop Card, Globals
Cerberus INT-STRMagic Pop Card, Globals
Captain Ivy INT-STRMagic Pop Card, Globals
Uruchi INT-STRMagic Pop Card, Globals
Isyutaru INT-STRMagic Pop Card, Globals
Lord Yarkan INT-STRMagic Pop Card, Globals
Demon Shaitan INT-STRMagic Pop Card, Globals
Medusa25 Honor Points and Magic Pop Cards, Coins, Globals, Silk and Immortal
Roc25 Honor Points and Magic Pop Cards, Coins, Globals, Silk and Immortal
HWT UniquesSilver Coins, Gold Coins

Medusa spawns everyday at 19.00 PM in her own room.

Roc gates will be opened saturday at 18.00 PM in its own room.

Tasty Golden Red Apples are added as rewards for selling your trade goods.
These Apples are good supplies for Gold or randomized Items.
How to use Golden Red Apples?

Coin Get From 
Arena CoinPVP Events, Roc, Medusa
Gold CoinHWT, Job
Silver CoinHWT, Job
Event TokenEvent Rewards

EGY A set can be obtained from a special NPC in Hotan.
EGY A shield can be obtained from FTW Flame Cow King.
EGY A weapons can be obtained by completing the FTW Flame Mountain Book.
EGY B can be upgraded from EGY A items with a special Upgrade Scroll.

Trade rewards are customized for more gold, coin rewards and golden red apples over chest.
Chest rewards will be added right after selling your trade goods. No relog or teleport required!
Trade Goods Stacks are reduced to a single big stack to prevent different cheating methods.

Trading route is changed to a single Route from Donwhang to a special teleport which leads to Togui Town.
Fight for control of the route as a Hunter oder Thief and get ready for new jobbing experience!

We have 5 different levels for the Job Suits, each different level gives you different stats, basicly higher level = higher stats.
You can buy those suits for gold from job NPCs but to wear a special job suit you have to gain some EXP to reach the job suits respective level.
For example, if your Job level is 3 you can only wear up to level 3 suits. You need to grind some job levels to wear higher level job suits.

There are 3 different skills for each job. Every skill has a different usage.
Each skill has 5 different levelsYour job suits level determines your skills level. So grind job EXP to have stronger job skills. Please keep reading to see skills.

(works like Warrior: Fences)
You can use this skill to buff your party member.
It grants physical & magical damage absorption.

Last Breath
You can use this skill as your own buff.
It grants physical & magical damage absorption/increase and moving speed to you.

(works like Warrior: Howling Shout)
You can use this skill to lure NPC Thieves or other mobs at a certain range.

Last Breath
You can use this skill as your own buff.
It grants physical & magical damage absorption/increase and moving speed to you.

Dead Dull
(works like Wizard: Bind)
You can use this skill as an attack skill to your enemy.
It binds your enemy to the ground.

Dead Silence
(works like Wizard: Invisible)
You can use this skill as your own buff.
It grants invisible status to you.

Traders have no skills!
The reason: Traders should run with Hunters.

Everybody knows that original Honor System isn't liked anymore, so we decided to make Honor System based on job activity.
Honor Points from job kills:
You will lose 3 Honor Points when you die to opposite job, you will recieve 5 Honor Points when you kill the opposite job.
Honor Points are limited by 3 in 4 hours for Job Kills from the same character.

  • New final Fire Shield Skill has the same effect as Holy Word
  • Sword/Blade distance attacks cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds
  • Area attacks of all kind are more useful thou of 2 additional hittable mobs per skill
  • Additional Pain Buff with 25% absorb for 2 friendly targets
  • Imbue skills have the same final damage
  • Lightning final movement speed buff has 150%
  • Passive Buff with 20% phy/mag DMG increase and absorb + 10STR + 10INT

  • Holy Spell & Holy Word effect are reduced from 50% to 25%
  • Warrior area attacks are more useful thou of 2 additional hittable mobs per skill
  • Howling Shout now hits up to 10 mobs and has a 10m increased range
  • Bard area attacks are more useful thou of 2 additional hittable mobs per skill
  • Bard attacks cooldown has been reduced
  • Bard final movement speed buff has 175%
  • Rouge Scout skill is now stackable with other movement buffs

Main Fortress is Bandit, Fortress War will be happening at xx:xxH GMT+1 on Sundays.
TAX will be applied to all NPCs.
You can register anytime before Fortress War except sundays.

We've added transparent dress because some of the players like to see armor parts. You can use Avatar Blue's on it, it's just invisible avatar.


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