• #Server rules
  • # We reserve the right to change these rules at any time without notice, so please check back sometimes.

# Botting is allowed, HWID limit 3 & IP limit 6 accounts.

Not knowing and/or not reading these rules is not an excuse.

# AFK - trading bot is not allowed!

# Proxy is forbidden [Admin decides how long the ban lasts].

# The team should be treated with respect! Rules must be followed!

# Be friendly and try to behave maturely.

# Do not insult/racist other players in global or normal chat [Admin determines how long the chat ban lasts].

# Curling or Stuck of Unique Monster is forbidden [Admin will decide how long the ban will last].

# Do not ask the GM for gold or items.

# Items sold for real money are not allowed.

# Account trading and ingame sales for gold is allowed.

# For trades, you can ask GMs if they are middlemen so you don't get scammed. Or a trusted player selected by us. 

# Do not advertise other sites/servers.

# Multi clients are allowed (max 3).

# You are not allowed to enter the fortress with multiple chars. 

# Do not abuse bugs and do not use hacks! (Bots / Petfilters are allowed!).

# We reserve the right to suspend and delete your account at any time.

# Do not cheat in BA or CTF event (multichars or joining a group of the opposing team)!

# Murder on events is allowed!(if it is not exaggerated) 

# All people are equal!

# Everyone has the right to the truth.

# You have the right to speak your own mind.

# You have the right to make suggestions.

# You have the right to report anyone.

# Everyone has the right to play the game the way they want as long as the rules are followed.

# You can ask any questions to the staff as long as it is not completely useless.

# By donating/purchasing to/from us, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

# By donating, you are supporting this server. In return, you will be rewarded.

# We do not give refunds for any reason.

# The staff is not responsible for user errors, such as buying the wrong item, cheating by other players, alchemy errorsand the like.

# Bug or exploit abusers will be banned. If you find such things, better report it to the GMs directly at Live Support & Discord via private message.

# Do not share your ID or password with anyone, complaints about account hacking will not be supported by the staff. It is your responsibility to keep your account information safe.

# Speak to GMs in German/English for better communication and understanding of certain situations.

Keep in mind. If you see that someone is breaking these rules, please take a screenshot or video as proof and report it in Live Support & Discord. Only unedited screenshots (this includes the filename) will be accepted as evidence, reports with edited screenshots or no evidence will be meaningless and you may receive a warning / ban for making a false report.

Discord - ingame 

:warning: 1- It is forbidden to swear religious / racist / political / moral values ​​in the game.

:warning: 2 -It is forbidden to mention or promote other servers in the game & at our Facebook & Discord communities. :warning: 3-Game Silk sales in Social Media Networks & Groups are prohibited. Ban penalty is applied without warning. :warning: 4- If you enter the Battle Arena & CTF events and stay AFK until the end time, you will be given a 10-hour ban. :warning: 5- HWID ban penalty is applied to those who denigrate the game on Global and try to provoke people. :warning: 6-You can search for your needs and items in the game on our #:moneybag:wtb-wts-wtt discord channel. :warning: 7- If you ever exchange items/cards or any other things without a Moderator/Supporter in game and ending up been scammed is NOT OUR Fault if your items are gone. :warning: Ignoring or minimizing these rules will be a violation or lack of appreciation for these rules, and there will be consequences for this behavior §1 Server Membership

1.1 The ALLUSION Sro Discord Server’s primary language is english.
If you continuously write messages in another language, ALLUSION Sro Staff reserves the right to mute you temporarily. Repeated violation of §1.1 is a Bannable offense.

1.2 The Admin role should only be pinged in the case
of an emergency, both regarding the Discord and the SRO server. You will receive a warning if you use the Admin role ping excessively. Repeated offense of excessive use of the ping or spamming it will result in a permanent
ban from the discord.

1.3 “Mini-modding” Aka. the act of taking up moderation like status in conversations or certain situations is, for your own safety, forbidden. Moderators and admins face a lot of verbal abuse and
we are all trained in how to interpret and enforce the rules. If something is wrong, call in staff, don’t act on your own. You are however more than welcome to point people in the right direction or help them out with minor

1.4 Membership of the ALLUSION Sro Discord server requires you to abide to the discord ToS and community guidelines. As such, Names and Profile Pictures that are forbidden by these guidelines will not be tolerated
by ALLUSION Sro staff. You can find the discord community guidelines here: can find the terms of service here:

§2 General Behavior

2.1 Please be wholesome and use common sense when engaging in activity on ALLUSION Sro! Treat others with kindness and respect. Harassment will not be tolerated in our server!

2.2 Insulting each other or flaming with bad words in globals are not allowed and will be punished with up to 72h Chat bans. Hate speech, Racism, Sexism, e.g. are forbidden. This extends to Memes, Jokes, Names, Avatars as well as heavy Slurs. All of the aforementioned are a bannable offense!

2.3 Do not bring up topics like real life Bestiality, Death, Suicide, Drugs, Rape or Self-harm. Additionally, Underdage sexual content is banned from the server. Discord community guidelines must be respect by all members at any time. Teasing and touching around blacklisted topics in order to invoke a discussion about them is a bannable offense.

2.4 Advertising other Silkroad servers in Word, Picture or Sound is strictly forbidden. If you would like to partner your server with ours, you may talk to our staff in order to establish a partnership.

2.5 Spamming the chat, in Word, Emotes, Pings or Pictures is not allowed. This includes repeatedly writing single word lines into chat.

2.6 Do not ask members for personal information, pictures, addresses . Doing so is highly disruptive and will lead to a warning or an immediate permanent ban depending on the severity. Repeated offense despite a warning will also yield a permanent Ban.

2.7 Keep conversations relevant to the channel! If the conversation drifts too far from the channels purpose, please move to the appropriate channel! Messages and images should be kept applicable to the given topic or channel.

§3 Accounts, Roles and Bots

3.1 On the ALLUSION Sro Discord, the usage of alternate accounts, for whatever reason, is strictly forbidden. Only in special cases, like lost/stolen accounts we may make an exception to this rule. In any other case we reserve the right to immediately ban all the offenders known accounts permanently. Note that this rule only applies to the Discord Server!!!

3.2 Usage of Self-Bots, Bot commands, including programs that make any sort of call to the discord API, is forbidden on the ALLUSION Sro discord server and is considered a bannable offense.

3.3 Impersonation of an Administrator, Game Master, Supporter or Community Manager is strictly forbidden, both on the Discord and the SilkRoad Server! If you are caught impersonating an Administrator, Game Master, Supporter or Community Manager, your account will be permanently banned, together with all other accounts you have opened thus far.

3.4 Selling items for real money like $ is not allowed and anyone will get caught selling for cash will get permanent ban :eyes:

3.5 Trusted players in discord is here to help and support you they not GM or GA in game they are normal players but we chose them to help us

3.6 Do not share your account info with anyone if you have problem we ask only for char name

§4 Multimedia Content

4.1 Members of ALLUSION are not allowed to post photos or videos of them self, due to safety and parental guidance reasons!

4.2 You may not use, save or spread Artwork, Screenshots, Songs or other forms of Intellectual property of other members unless explicitly given permission to do so. If we catch you spreading content of one of our members you will be banned.

4.3 Shit posting outside of the dedicated channels (spam & shit posting channel) is not permitted. Shit posting entails Memes, Images, Jokes or Videos that have no correlation to any ongoing conversation.

§5 Additional inGame Rules

5.1 PK Players during Events/Job is forbidden.

5.2 Tracing Job-Players is forbidden for everyone. even normal following players will be considdert as trace ( exept the trader gives you permission via CHAT "sreenshot it" )( just the normal job behavior is allowed )

5.3 any kind of trace or boting at fortress war will be considderd as cheating and is forbidden.This rule (Trace) does not apply to internal guild or party activity. Prohibited is other players by trace and also boting.

5.4 Exploiting bugs without reporting it will not be tolerated and will be punished

5.5 Usage of more then 2 computers is forbidden or advantage with proxys. Due to advantage of the game against of other players. This will be punished with ban of your account / community ban.