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Maintenance complete
Fri Jul 23 2021 11:42 AM

The maintenance has concluded, the server is back online!


- Increased the stacksize of all items received from the Golden Apples - Silk transport pets and the war elephant now require you to be level 105 (you can still use the trade pets from the stable NPC) - Changed the golden apple rewards a bit, you no longer get skill exp tickets (gold/silver) and instead get a few more arena coins and event tokens - Fixed fortress tax not applying to the correct NPCs. It will have a lot more gold from now on - Enabled Egy A Shield to be able to drop from Seth and Haroeris - Seth and Haroeris now drop more Arena coins on kill - Warlock Sleep and Trap share a cooldown now - Warlock Trap cooldown was increased - Tambours can now be used in Job Mode

Maintenance complete
Fri Jul 16 2021 13:08 PM


The maintenance has concluded and the server is back online. 
The following changes have been made:


- Increased the maximum number of blues on all Degree 11 items from 9 to 12 
- The Extra Inventory Expansion from the Item Mall is now tradable
- The red Devil Spirit (Male) now gives you the proper HP% and MP% increase values
- Fixed an item tooltip


- Copper coins now drop from all of the Holy Water Temple Uniques (to buy Socket Stones at the Alexandria Grocery stores) 
- Osiris now drops one random non-buyable Socket Stone
- Job Temple Uniques (Selket / Neith / Anubis / Isis / Haroeris / Seth) now drop Arena coins and Non-Nova Egy B Accessory sets and Armor sets
- The Fortress owner can now produce Arena coins (one per hour, up to 20 at a time, cost per coin: 25m gold, 150.000 GP)

Other Changes:

- Added Klox fellow pet to Item Mall 
- Tambours and Dances can now be cancelled
Fri Jul 16 2021 00:18 AM

There will be a planned maintenance on Friday, July 16th, at 12.00 server time. We will be fixing some bugs as well as update a few things for your convenience. The estimated downtime will be approximately 1 (one) hour. The full change logs will be posted once the maintenance is over. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your continued support!

sprint event
Mon Jun 28 2021 20:05 PM
tomorrow 17:30 CEST
we will start sprint event start location: Constantinople North Gate HOW IT WORKS :exclamation:
1. I will give every player 1 ride pet
2. Wait till i tell you the finish destination
3. As soon you know the location you are allowed to start riding
4. You are not allowed to use Town Teleporter
5. You are not allowed to use any kind of teleportation scroll
6. If your Ridepet dies you are disqualified for that round
7. the first 2 players reaching the destination win the round
Rewards (each player) 1 round : 1 Extension gear 28Days 2 round : 1 Clock of Reincarnation 28Days 3 round : 2 Sabakun's jewell 4 round : 1 Immortal 11D 5 round : 1 Clock of Reincarnation 28Days