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Maintenance complete
Wed Aug 25 2021 10:25 AM
Changes (v 1.535) 

- Changed Drug of wind to grant 100% movement speed
- Changed all other movement speed scrolls to grant 150% movement speed
- Changed Fire Shield Emperor to grand the same benefits as Holy Word 
- Buffed some of the Chinese Area of effect Skills 
- Added a new quest. 

The new quest takes place in Capture the Flag. 
Kill 10 CTF Monsters to receive rewards (this works in a party as well). This quest can be repeated!

Maintenance complete
Wed Aug 18 2021 10:58 AM

Changes (v 1.534):

Reset all skills to standard values and behaviour 

Maintenance complete
Sat Aug 14 2021 11:33 AM

The maintenance has completed.

- Added a Custom Title scroll - you can now choose your own title (up to 12 letters)
- New reverse return scroll system - you are able to save up to 5 locations and teleport to any party member
- Removed party master scroll because of the reverse change
- Reduced Job Reverse cooldown
- Limited Job Zerk to once every 15 Minutes
- Disabled using Zerk Potions in Job entirely
- Nerfed Holy Spell / Holy Word / Fire Shield-Emperor
- Reduced the cooldown of the Arrow Combos for Bows - you can once again "spam" them - even the same combo
- Reduced the knockback probability of the Arrow Combos to 15% (from 30%)
- Drug of Wind now grants 100% movement speed
- Other movement speed scrolls and items now grant 150% movement speed
- Scud (Dagger speed skill) cooldown reduced to 90 seconds (from 120)
- Durability of egy-set items has been increased
- Roc items now have a set bonus (
Click here for Image)
- Roc items are now D11 and have had their stats increased
- Stacks of most items have been increased to 25.000 for more convenience
- Guild storage now has 7 Pages
- Disabled CTF per-kill Arena coins
- Increased CTF Winning team arena coin reward
- Job Temple uniques now drop double Arena coins

Maintenance complete
Sun Aug 08 2021 17:59 PM

The maintenante was completed today. 

The changes are as follows: 
- Increased the Flying Pumpkin's HP
- Further adjusted Thief EXP required to hit higher levels. 
- Everyone who met the new requirements has had their thief level adjusted accordingly
- Pacheon arrow combos share a cooldown now to prevent combo-spam
- Reduced 4-Star Forgotten World Monster HP by 25% and damage by 20%. It was impossible to clear before.
- Fixed Roc teleport. 
- Roc now also appears on Wednesdays, 18.00 Server time. 
- Updated Roc's Special Magic stones to be able to be used on D11 Equipment.
- The person who gets the Roc kill now receives 3 of each of Roc's stones and the Roc Slayer title